To All Waiting For Their Copy of "Truants From Life" please be patient

Currently stuck in London because of the volcano and unable to mail new Truants out until I can get back to NYC. Have sold out of stock over in the UK. Please be patient. As soon as I can get back I'll make some new ones and mail them out right away to everyone who has donated. I apologize for the delay but promise to put some special love into your packages! Hopefully the plane will take off tomorrow!


****** said...

I just watched "Alexander the last" on Sundance and now I'm here.
I'm trying to find the name and player(s) of the piano number at the very end of the movie. Google isn't being very nice to me right now. I love your music.
Paul, from Brooklyn MI.

Impasse Living Solutions, Ltd. said...

Do you have a mailing address? I want to send you a letter. I know that's out of fashion, but I still do it.

shiversnyc said...

The name of the piano player on Alexander The Last is Jo Schornikow. She plays in The Shivers. She wrote all the music for the film.

"Band of Gold" I believe is the song to which you are referring.

****** said...

Thanks Shiversnyc.
Do you know if this song is on a CD anywhere?