New Album "MORE" Out on Silence Breaks Records May 10th (May 3rd digital)

Our long awaited album "MORE" will be released on NYC's Silence Breaks Records on May 10th (May 3rd digital). You can order the album here:

UK release to follow this fall on Fence Records.

Touring all summer and fall. See dates below:


zebrateeth said...

come to dallas, tx

foolproofplan said...

great news!

Joshua said...

I just saw you guys in Hollywood at the Hotel Cafe. Great great show. Amazing stuff. I hope you guys keep going - if you need any help with anything feel free to shoot me an email:

Josh Hendrick
Entertainment Multi-Media Design, Brand Architecture

fran said...
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Amanda said...

Please come to the southeast! Maybe Nashville, Chattanooga, Atlanta, Asheville. I have listened to your stuff for a while and I dig your sound. I would love to see you live.

Anonymous said...

Nice show last night, losers. How's it feel getting heckled off the stage for being a bunch of primadonnas after only half a song. Who comes to a house show with their douchebag "manager"? Also just to let people know, watch out booking this band, the pussy of a lead singer threw a tantrum and tried to destroy the houses drum kit. Don't ever fuck with the DIY community, shithead, we'll fuck you up next and your manager.